Culebra Part III: Villa Fulladoza

I’m still investigating Culebra properties to amuse myself as the weather in Pennsylvania veers wildly between unbearable and less unbearable. Villa Fulladoza checks off a lot of boxes.villafulladoza

Really, really oceanfront? Check. Convenient location in case we have too many rum punches? Uh huh. Excellent outdoor space for lounging with coffee in the morning and a drink after the beach? Oh my, yes. Incredibly inexpensive? Yep.

There are some things I don’t love about it. It’s more hotel-like than most places we stay, with seven apartments instead of just a few, and that might make it noisy or otherwise annoying. Reviews of their WiFi are less than stellar and it’s a necessity for me at this point. But it’s still in our top three and the view and handy location (and ridiculously cheerful colors) may win out.


House of the Day: Another Spectacular View on Culebra

Saved by the bell! Casa Cima del Mundo rented for our week probably around the time that I was writing the last blog post. Now I don’t need to go through all of that agita about spending too much on a place to sleep and can get on with the usual task of finding cool places for $100 a night or less.

Next up, Seastar. It seems pretty basic, but man what a view:

punta aloe

One of the things I’m loving about Culebra research is that there are so many places in our price range with absolutely incredible, million dollar views. More to come!

House of the Day: Casa Cima del Mundo, Culebra

I am in the midst of an ethical dilemma. Well, that may be putting it too strongly. A quandary? It’s my word of the day.

Here’s the question: if you pride yourself on only staying in the most reasonably priced accommodations everywhere you go, what do you do when you find the perfect place and it’s over your self-imposed budget? ‘Cause I found the place and it’s way more than we usually spend (and way less than many people spend).

It’s Casa Cima del Mundo on Culebra.


Cima del Mundo means Top of the World. Yep.

There are a bunch of reasons that I’m considering it.

  1. The views, duh.
  2. It’s a dodecahedron! I’m a fool for round (or round-ish) houses.
  3. Dishwasher!
  4. Nice little office area, already equipped.
  5. Maybe the best reviews I’ve ever read that I haven’t written myself.
  6. Puerto Rico’s relatively reasonable anyway, so we have a little room to splurge. (Not the best reason.)

It’s actually quite reasonable at $150 a night and it’s just my foolish pride that makes me even think twice. I’ve got more from Culebra to post soon.